Great Expectations


Great Expectations

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   7.01.14 18:24
    He also controls the gen
   7.01.14 18:25
    He also controls the pub
   7.01.14 18:26
    He also controls the pub
   7.01.14 18:26
    He also controls the pub
   7.01.14 18:26
    He also controls the pub
   7.01.14 18:27
    He also controls the gen

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What a day!

So, today was the day I got new brakes on my car.  It's been sitting on the driveway for a little over 2 (maybe 3?) weeks.  Possibly 4.  We called around, got the price we wanted ($300) and set out to meet there so we could drop off my car.

Problem 1.  The battery was dead protective case

We jumped the battery from his car and finally got it started.  I have a push button ignition so he placed the remote on the roof of the car to keep it going while he got some prices on new batteries because he felt like it needed to be replaced. He decides to go to Sam's.  He takes off to get the new battery.

Problem 2.  He drives off with the remote still on the hood of the car and of course it falls off along the way.  Once he gets to Sam's and turns off the engine he can't move it without the remote to start it back up Claire Hsu.

He calls me to ask if I would slowly drive along his route to see if I can spot it on the street.  He thinks he knows exactly where it fell off because he heard it but didn't put two and two together.  Of course I don't find it but need to bring him another remote so they can install the battery and start the car Otterbox phone case.  

Problem 3.  The battery cost $100 we weren't counting on.

I meet him and we head home and when we reach our neighborhood he parks the car and begins his walk/search of the path he drove.  He finds it!!  Under some leaves near a curb although not quite where he was sure it fell off but still!!

We take the car for brakes.  It should take 2 hours.  We go to a leisurely lunch (which should have included alcohol, and lots of it, but didn't) and miss a call from the mechanic.  When we finally call back he lets us know about...

Problem 4.  The brakes were in much worse shape than originally thought and it will cost us $580 (if we pay cash; more if not) because of pads and rotors and yada yada yada.

Problem 5.  The job would not be completed until 5 or 6 pm.

What's a little traffic??

He leaves the brake shop and arrives home before I do and starts dinner.

Problem 6.  Wheat pasta.

12.4.13 04:18
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